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Financing and fundraising

We can provide the support you will require to successfully secure financing or funding for your startup, existing business or project proposal. Regardless of the scale of your business, securing investment requires an in depth understanding of your venture and the expectations of the investor or funder.

Our agility and worldwide network of international investors, venture capitalists and investment funds means that we can rapidly identify the most suitable investor or funding opportunity for you. We start with an in-depth assessment and systematic analysis of your proposal. This includes proposal development and the preparation of materials for investors or funders. 

Our financing and fundraising services include:

  • Assessment and due diligience of business or project proposals

    • Your current situation and aims​

    • Financial performance and/or forecasts

    • Market and competitor research

    • Project roadmap and operations

    • Business continuity

  • Developing and strengthening your business or project proposal

  • Preparation of investor or funder materials and documentation

  • Dissemination of investment pitches and funding applications

  • Investor negotiations, deal structuring and agreement

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