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What we do

We are a small but diverse team based in Cyprus, with a global reach with partners in London, Zurich and Moscow.

Our business principle is very simple. We provide tailor made solutions for our clients.  Large corporate organisations or 'big names' offer similar services, but we believe that their size is their weakness. Often struggling to be innovative, process obsessed and offering a ‘one size fits all’. We are agile, innovative and totally focussed on the clients individual needs - always.


Our services and our strengths complement one another and provide a holistic solution, or dependant on the client’s needs, each service can be accessed independently. Our services can be summarised as:


  1. ‘Getting started’ - we advise and mentor small to large businesses and organisations drawing on our global experience as a team.

  2. ‘Getting it right first time’ - we cut through red tape, obsess about the detail and deliver credible and sound company structures, tax strategies and accounting support services.

  3. ‘Funding and financing’ - we proactively pursue investors or alternative sources of funding to achieve the traction that you need as a business or venture.

  4. ‘Leadership and team performance’ - we view people as the greatest asset of any business and draw on our considerable experience of operating in large value driven organisations to achieve targets.

  5. ‘Protecting growth and profit’ - we will protect your business and assets by identifying and mitigating the risks you face from current or emerging threats, both cyber and physical.


Our Remuneration

The first part of our process is the development of a formal proposal for each prospective client that clarifies the services to be provided and a specific time period for the arrangement. Letters of agreement include appropriate considerations for governing a client relationship.

Monthly retainers or project fees are established and agreed upon at the start of each client engagement. These fees reflect the professional time required by Haus Gruppe to successfully guide our clients to the accomplishment of their goals. Our structured fees enable organizations to budget appropriately and allow us to prepare for and apply our professional resources appropriately, maximizing each client’s success.

If you feel that Haus Gruppe is the right choice for your organization, please contact us today and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your organizational profile and needs.

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